Rotarians have much to be proud of
We were reminded on Sept. 10 of all the good that Rotary does during a pleasant visit by District Gov. Steen Sanderhoff.
Sanderhoff began by praising our club for its involvement in the community and thanking members for their volunteer efforts. "You truly are people of action," he said.
Echoing comments from Rotary president Mark Maloney, Sanderhoff encourages Rotarians to include families in club meetings and activities.
To that end, he encouraged us to "have fun." Invite our friends, neighbors and kids to meetings, he suggested. When they see what Rotary is all about, they will want to join.
"We are part of a very exciting organization," he said. "Opportunities are limitless."
Sanderhoff, a member of Racine Founder's Rotary Club, began his term as district governor on July 1.
This year's theme is "Rotary Connects The World." Fitting, Sanderhoff said, as Rotary crosses cultures, religions and political boundaries.
A native of Denmark, Sanderhoff grew up during the Cold War. Soviet warships regularly plied the waters near his hometown of Copenhagen. "It was a very, very scary time," he recalled.
Of Rotary's six areas of focus, peace and conflict resolution is especially dear to him. "I feel very strongly about that," he said.
Sanderhoff speaks proudly of Rotary's long association with the United Nations. "Rotary has a 75-year history with the U.N. We have similar goals: building peace in the world."
Continuing a tradition established by his predecessors, Sanderhoff will visit all 54 clubs in this district (6270). He looks forward to meeting his fellow Rotarians. "It's a lot of fun to visit the clubs," he said. "All are part of Rotary, but all are different.