Gail Rust, New Berlin Rotary, Rotary Club of New Berlin
Reviewing the finer points of a fine image
Gail Rust provided an interesting overview of image building during our meeting on Nov. 9. A professional image consultant, Rust stated that we have just three to seven seconds to make that positive first impression. A polished image builds credibility and trust, improves our confidence, and can lead to a better income, she says.
According to Rust, 55% of the image we project is nonverbal, while 38% is based on the way we speak. (Only 7% of that image is related to content.) Therefore, 93% of your message is relayed "before you open your mouth," she says.
We don't have any control over our race, gender or age, Rust reminds us, but we can control our appearance and actions, such as handshake. To that end, she offered suggestions for the proper handshake also. It should be firm but not overpowering, and no pumping.
Rust handed out copies of her points-based dressing system for men and women. Each item (tattoo, belt buckle, bracelet, and so on) is worth one point. Rust suggests men keep their point totals to no more than 12 for "best dressed" and social occasions. Women should strive for a value of 14 for a professional look.
Dressing well and acting confidently help us project that the image we strive for. "Wow factor happens when the beauty on the inside matches the beauty on the outside," Rust says.
Also during the meeting we reviewed upcoming volunteering opportunities. On Nov. 12, the Weathertstone subdivision is holding its annual buckthorn removal program at Weatherstone Park.
Rotarians have two opportunities to help on Dec. 3. In the morning, we're welcome to sort and stack food items at New Berlin Food Pantry. Residents of Weatherstone subdivision are holding their annual food drive that day. It's a big event--the second largest the food pantry sees--and will be larger this year due to a food drive held at New Berlin High schools.
New Berlin's Christmas parade will take place at 3:00 p.m. that day. Our club will again have a float; Rotarians are encouraged to walk along.