Hamilton Dowden, DC
Pure Family Chiropractic
Joined Rotary 2014
Why I Joined Rotary:
I joined Rotary in the summer of 2014. I met a number of Rotarians through my practice and they invited me as a speaker for one of their meetings. I was relatively new to the New Berlin area, and had been looking to join an organization that gave back to our community.
At that meeting, I had a chance to hear about the great things the club was doing. My father was a Rotarian, so I had already seen some of the work Rotary did, but this group was especially excited and enthusiastic about what they were doing and the lives they were changing, and that was something I wanted to be a part of. 
When I Knew I Became A "Rotarian":
It wasn't until our annual Murder Mystery Dinner, in February 2015, that I felt I was truly becoming part of something great. I had volunteered for a number of events, but nothing from which you could directly see the impact we made.
The night of the Murder Mystery Dinner, we raised nearly $5000 for local schools and organizations, including our annual scholarship to the World Affairs Seminar. It was incredible to see the generosity of our community that night, but more importantly, I had the chance to meet the high school students who would be attending the seminar through those scholarships. They were truly excited and sincerely thankful for the opportunity. It was great to see the work we were doing directly impact local kids, and through that experience, I feel I stopped being "a member of a club" and became a Rotarian.