World Affairs Seminar leaves impression on New Berlin youth
The four New Berlin high school students would attended World Affairs Seminar this summer returned on July 22 to share their experiences. Rotary Club of New Berlin is proud to again sponsor two New Berlin students to that prestigious event. (School District of New Berlin also sponsored two students.)
Attending were Margaret C. and Megan W. from New Berlin Eisenhower and Manisha V. and Danny W. from New Berlin West. Each offered some thoughts about the program.
Danny and Manisha appreciated meeting people from across the US and all over the world, including Canada, Africa, the Cayman Islands and Great Britain. Presenters said that the world will need multiple sources of energy to solve our energy problems. They noted major companies represented  included WE Energies, General Electric and Johnson Controls.
Margaret: Said this was the most amazing thing she has experienced. She really liked the ice breakers, during which she met people from 22 states and 13 countries. She learned that compressed algae could be a source of energy. She took part in a field trip to General Electric to learn more about their operations. Had fun during the talent show at the end of the program. Has set a goal for our Interact Club to work with many students toward a really big project.
Megan: Like the others, she enjoyed meeting people from other areas. For her, those included Canada, Norway and the east coast, to name a few. She was impressed to learn the that wasting less food could save so much energy. She really liked the dance at the end, especially after getting to know so many people. Her takeaway was the value of community gardens. She hopes more people will grow their own food, which will save energy and cut down on food waste.
World Affairs Seminar is an initiative of Rotary District 6270, which comprises most of the clubs in Wisconsin. These events are designed to create global leaders and citizens through an international seminar with an innovative, rigorous program. The course is held at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wis., and involves high school students from across the US and around the world. The theme for this year's program, which ran June 20-26, was "Global Energy: Who's Got The Power?"