Steve Seyfert of the Milwaukee Zoological Society discusses the organization's Bonobo & Congo Biodiversity Initiative during our meeting on Sept. 25, 2013.
There are only about 50,000 Bonobos left in the wild. All are found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (Milwaukee County Zoo has 16 Bonobos - one of the largest groups in North America.)
The goal of the Initiative, an ongoing project, is to protect those important apes. Working with the Congolese government, the team is involved in:
- Surveying the Bonobo and elephant populations, trying to protect from poaching and hunting.
- Supporting and training the local guards, so they can better protect these important animals.
- Community assistance, including adult literacy instruction and various projects in primary schools.
To reduce their dependency on Bonobos, the Initiative is teaching citizens to cultivate their own grains, including rice.
Thanks for the very interesting and informative presentation, Steve!