Tom Fuszard
Public Relations Director
Past President (2010-2011)
Owner, Supreme Communications, LLC
Member since 2008
Why I joined Rotary:
After striking out on my own in marketing communications, in 2005, I wanted to put my skills to work for one or two local non-profit organizations. I quickly joined the Outreach Committee of the southeastern Wisconsin chapter of JDRF. That was been a rewarding experience. But I wanted to do more, especially here in New Berlin.
One day in fall 2008, I visited a Rotary Club meeting. I joined a few weeks later, and have really enjoyed the experience.
A service organization, Rotary allows us to help others in numerous ways. At the club level, I can assist with the fundraising efforts and other activities. But I can serve outside the club, as well. As one who enjoys being outdoors--more on that in a bit--I like to offer my help to the New Berlin Parks Dept.
Th Stigler Nature Preserve is right behind my home. It's 40 acres of mostly wooded land with a nice hiking trail cut through it. Like many other areas, the woods has been affected by invasive plant species. I like to go in there for an hour or so on occasion and attack the buckthorn and wild grape vines. It's my gift to the parks department and visitors to the Stigler Preserve. (Our club has done similar work in Weatherstone Park, New Berlin.)
Two times a year the New Berlin Food Pantry is blessed with a huge food donation. Club members spend a couple hours sorting and stocking food. You can read about our December 2014 event (of which I played a part) in our Archive.
I really enjoy being outdoors. Even in cold weather, I get out for at least one walk per day. One of my routes takes me through the Stigler Preserve. Our family has a cabin on 42 acres in southwestern Wisconsin. That's my weekend getaway spot. Regular "work" includes mowing the field grass and cutting/splitting wood. But it doesn't feel like work, because I enjoy the activity.
Of course, it's not all work. Weather permitting, I light up a campfire most days, and always enjoy at least one grilling. A ham radio operator (callsign KF9PU), I sometimes fire up the shortwave rig. (Tend to operate on 10m, 15m, 20m and 40m.)

I also enjoy biking, taking vacations and diving into a good book.
If you'd like to chat, I can be reached at Feel free to follow my blog.