Shawn Schnabl
President-Elect (2015-16)
Providence Home Lending, Brookfield
Rotary member since 2013
Why I joined Rotary:
I joined Rotary Club of New Berlin in the Spring of 2013 because I wanted to give back to the community that has blessed me in my business.
I realized I became a Rotarian in the Fall of 2013 during our volunteer work with the New Berlin Food Pantry. No child should ever go to bed hungry, and I felt so blessed to help that afternoon.
When I am not working as a mortgage broker or helping the Rotary club of New Berlin, I am a very busy father of two beautiful girls, Isabella and Sophia. They keep my beautiful wife, Meghan, and me very busy on the weekends. During my spare time I enjoy watching sports and playing baseball in the spring and summer months.
If you are ever looking to move or refinance your home, please call me at 262-754-3336, or email to I would love to help out a fellow Rotarian or fellow New Berlin neighbor.